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We are Kathrin, Sophie, Zoë and Kasimir - your friendly indiehood game developers.

After working on various indie games we decided it's time to embark on our next adventure in the game industry with our own little studio.

Our goal is simply to create wholesome and fun games for everyone to enjoy.
So take a seat, feel the grass between your toes and take a deep breath while we plant our next creative projects.



Ritual of Raven (Active Development)

Ritual of Raven is a cozy farming game that lets you be creative in a witchy world by empowering you to dip your toes into the magic of coding. You will meet lots of quirky characters that you can befriend and trade with, enchant magical creatures to help you grow the ingredients for your spells and you can be creative, decorate your farm and explore the magical world around you.


Cartomancy Anthology (Aug 2022)

70+ game developers across the globe who are all passionate about telling meaningful but often unheard narratives through the power of the Major Arcana. Many even practice divination regularly!

The Cartomancy Anthology is a collection of introspective and compact digital experiences presented together in an anthology inspired by the Major Arcana of the tarot. Draw from the deck and participate in interactive reflection through various types of gameplay.

Each team offers a unique perspective on the meaning of their card, guaranteeing a brand new and exciting experience with every pull.


Pixl Patches (Dez 2021)

Pixl Patches is a little wholesome game that leads you through a short journey about loss and friendship.

You play as introvert Robin the Rabbit, who lives in a small apartment-complex which was managed by the late houskeeper Landry. They were the heart and soul of the community and it's up to you to fulfill their last wish.
Explore the sweet setting and meet quirky characters along the way up and down the apartments.

This game was made in about 2 weeks for the Diverse Game Develpers Fund Game Jam. If you have any questions get in touch with us!


Pawlo Purrcasso (Jan 2022)

In "Pawlo Purrcasso" you will play a cat who just happened to destroy all the artworks for her exhibition. In order to save it, you become the artist yourself and try to recreate the paintings with your paws. Maybe the exhibition will still become successfull!